Misadventures of This Struggling Artist

It’s been a great Autumn so far art-wise. But I isolate so much that my friends and associates and family are all tired of me,

I painted this little piece this week. I thought of my mother isolating. Her greying black hair, her sad tired brown eyes, the fire in them lost in a haze. I thought of the warm safe home I’ve always made for myself, and of course the other living breathing thing in any scene- a cat. There’s a phone in the other room, so isolation isn’t total, it’s a choice. She’s nude, so obviously vulnerable yet, she’s also free and safe where she is. I actually put a lot of thought into this. The shroud of darkness, and warmth of candle light. 

I’ve said it 10 times on this blog, I don’t know what or who I am as an artist to those viewing the paintings. I’m untrained, but am I a visionary, folk, or just unskilled (?) I don’t know. I just paint, as I’ve always done since I was a little girl.

So, the gist of this post is what happened when I posted it on my Facebook page last night, still with wet paint. Two people had suggestions. One was that the cat needed a collar… the other was someone that wanted to buy the painting- but could I put a nightgown or a blanket on her? Well, I don’t know about that. Do I change something meaningful to me to please someone else, particularly if that someone is buying the painting? Or do I leave it exactly as it is because it’s my thoughts and feelings caught up in paint on canvas? I think there’s even a bigger question here for me about compromise and faith in myself.


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