Autumn Brings Quietude and Creativity

I haven’t written since before dad’s funeral. What a wonderful send off he had. And now the dust is settling. Our family home is for sale, we’re all feeling a little older, sadder. But one amazing silly thing has happened… my daughter’s cat, that I adopted in August, has become a muse of sorts. He is never far away and always happy to see me. I swore I’d never get another pet. I’m glad I relented. I’m always happy to see him too!

I’ve been painting a lot, selling sporadically as usual, but two past collectors have found me and bought again and that is one of my greatest compliments.

I’ve been here on the Eastern Shore now for 13 years. I still love it, and feel like I’m home for life. But I can’t figure something out. I’ve finally actually thought of dating again, my black empty heart is aflutter sometimes, moving past my post traumatic dating disorder…  and I just don’t understand men. Is it the place ?, the age ?, I don’t know. I’ve had a man totally invade my space and get all touchy feely and obnoxious; a man flirt nearly every day, ask for my phone number, then say 3 times “I just don’t understand why a woman as sweet and pretty as you doesn’t have someone” and not call; and another that has been trying to “hit that” for years, but also has no intention of ever having a relationship. The good news is that my black empty heart never flutters when I run into any of them. The bad news is it feels like at 55 that might be all there is. I don’t think I’ve matured past being in love, and playing, and looking forward. So, it’s an interesting place to be, and I’m very glad that I have a lot of creative energy and a place to work.

I posted all these paintings to my Facebook Page, to Etsy, and to Ebay. I hope to post something a little more interesting soon.



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