A Home Where A Garden Grows From Within…

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My sister passed away from terminal cancer. She left behind three young daughters and a grieving husband, family and many friends. She was an artist and a beautiful person and losing her was devastating.
After her diagnosis she made a gorgeous piece of art: A huge photograph of the girls on the sofa, and beyond, through the window, a tornado approaching in the distance. I think of that storm that was coming a lot. That was seven years ago.
Last week I was at the house. It seemed faded, and aged. I was waiting outside for them to come and started taking pictures. When the girls pulled up we went in and they showed me art, and laughed, and chattered… they’ve turned out so beautifully.
Yes, the seeds had been planted before the storm, but my brother-in-law has loved and cared for them and they’ve turned into brilliant and lovely young women. Kudos to a wonderful father.
And so I painted him this picture to put all these thoughts into an “After The Storm”. Through the devastation the garden still bloomed.

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4 thoughts on “A Home Where A Garden Grows From Within…

  1. Beautiful, warm feeling. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Such thoughtful post. Yes, thanks for sharing.

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