My Mom and Dad Together again

moidadMy father died this morning. Wow, what can I say? I’m relieved that he’s not suffering any longer? I’ve been mourning his pain and blindness for 3 months, I’ve had time to think. But, my DAD. He is gone. He’s been here for all of my 54 years. He’s been a part of the fabric of life as I know it, and so many other’s know it. Nearly 96 years of love and loss and service, and being a good man, a good father. All the love and pain and complications of the relationship we had keep coming into my head like a slide show. When he came home from work we’d line up at the door for a hug and to crawl through his legs so he could hug the next sister in line. Our walks to the park. His corner on the sofa where he sat waiting for us to come home. His pride. His disappointment. His cooking. The huge family dinners. The fights. Seeing him commission a ship in his uniform. On and on the slide show clicks….

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