She is. And that’s good.

When she was young she didn’t know who she was.

She looked in the mirror and she saw someone else.

She didn’t know where to go or what to do.

She closed her eyes but she was afraid of the dark.

She always knew what she wanted.

When she was young, she could be sweet, she could be funny.

She could ride the wave of flirtation into passion, into

a new life. And she always prayed to live a long life.

She always tried to give her best.

She didn’t know who she was, but she knew what she  wanted.

She’s older now, and the mirror never cracked.

She wanted freedom, home, love, children, faith, art, poetry, to create, friends … she wanted to be brave, to be strong, and she wanted to be herself.

She’s older now. She looked in the mirror and she saw someone else. And she realized that every blessing she ever received had been affected by who she saw in the mirror.

She saw a coward, or lazy, fat, weak, selfish, ugly, shy, liar, or a bad mother…. she saw “never good enough”.

She’s older now. Today she will take a hammer and smash the mirror. Today she will just be happy.

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