My month at the Still Life Gallery in Ellicott City wasn’t as successful as hoped, yet I came away with a nice commission check and sold three paintings, so how can I not be thrilled? I’m always trying to figure out what I’m going to do next. How am I going to market my work? My full time job is keeping me from starving to death, but last week four people quit. It has become a very unhappy place for many and I’m very worried.

My dilemma is my shyness causes torture when I leave my comfort zone- the show at the end of April was so difficult for me. I did drop Ebay. I did raise my prices. I have focused a bit more on my Etsy store. I have my art in one local gallery, but it isn’t enough. I really only want to focus on painting and not marketing. Anyone that follows my blog pretty much knows that this is ALWAYS my dilemma. It’s almost funny.

On a side note, I rented a nice beachfront suite and met up with my kids and their friends and really had a great time. Also visited the Virginia Museum of Fine Art to see the wonderful Flowers show. It was a wonderful week. I came home and worked a bit in my first garden! Wear gloves!!! I didn’t and I have a miserable case of poison ivy or something. I look awful! Having never had it before, I’m a mess. But I’m painting a large picture that’s making me very happy!

Life is in flux always, but it’s good. I’m going to figure it out one day.          The image is “Artist with Cat”

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  1. Marketing always takes as much time, or more, than actually producing the art. But without it, no one will see your wonderful work. Congrats on your sales from the Ellicott City exhibit.

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