Reach For the Stars, Then Let The Sunshine In

Good Morning. It’s Sunday. Yesterday between projects I took a two mile walk and it was great, great because it feels like we’ve finally turned the corner into Spring.

The projects were to complete the painting above, which at 24″ x 30″ is probably the largest canvas I’ve painted and it took awhile. And the other was to finish edging, framing, wiring and naming all of my art. WHY? Because another gallery has requested that I bring everything I’ve got because they LOVE it and would like to sell it and have a show. Needless to say I have a LOT of art. They also said that Ebay is the death of serious artists… although it has carried me through over the years at different times. But I did cancel all my auctions. It’s not the way it used to be anyway.

I’m happy, relieved, overwhelmed and it feels like I can rest a bit and focus more on painting and at least it’s out there and hopefully that’s enough.

Happy Sunday, happy Spring, have faith in yourself and work toward your goals. Don’t let it take as long as I have. I let life get in the way far too often. And if there are people in your life that aren’t supportive, soldier on without worrying about that.

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