FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS: I finally have a bio.


I don’t remember ever not loving art. My favorite Outsider artist is the late Helen Martins. But the first Outsider artist I was intrigued by was Eddie Arning. I was a horribly, painfully shy little girl. I shined when it came to drawing. A psychiatrist who knew Eddie Arning, Dr. Nolan D. Lewis, lived across the street from us. I loved Arning’s drawing he had on the wall. In fact I loved all the art he had on his walls. Dr. Lewis used to tell me art was fine, but an education was the one thing nobody could take away from you. He was a brilliant psychiatrist who pioneered art therapy, but to me and my sisters he was a grandpa that we adored, so I did take his advice and enrolled in college at 18. Unfortunately, the weeding out of first year students from the art department by making us see the error of our dreams using reality checks was my excuse to live life and screw school. And I did.
I’ve been having a good, happy life. Still shy. Still loving art, making art, shining when it counts. I’m not much into labels, I just consider myself an artist. Maybe I shouldn’t have jumped on that opportunity to be weeded out.
In the early 1990’s when my children were young, I began to have some success as an artist, representation by three Maryland galleries, getting commission work. Then I like to say “life got in the way” of art and things ground to a halt. In 2001 I gain gained gallery representation, but struggled to keep up. Today I have finally found my way. Thanks to social media, buckling down and pursuing my love, and putting my work and expression in the important role it always should have been, I’m happy. Currently I’m showing my art at Liv Again in Cambridge, MD, I might now also spread my wings and work on showing elsewhere in Maryland. Never let go of your dream..

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