She is Free and Happy….

And so here I am. Not many discernable changes, but changes… life keeps going round and round and I keep trying to stay on the ride.
I gave up the graying hair last month. In fact I colored it red. I loved the way it looked and felt until I walked into the bathroom at work and someone had replaced all four light bulbs and I looked tired. I’m not tired. I LOVE color, my color was gone. So I went home and took it back.
I’ve recently filled etsy with all of my latest paintings. Being my own biggest fan I think they’re great of course. I painted one to donate to the Wesley Spectrum fundraising gala and it sold well and filled me up.
This Dancer is a painting that I imagined. I used a black and white photo of a dancer for her shape, but the colors and hair and joy and peace are all I’d intended.
Spring might finally be here. I’m getting a new roof put on, traveling some, painting of course, and will post some sculptures soon.
Thanks for reading, for following even when I’m neglectful.  Thank you for checking out Etsy if you do.


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