Holding My Breath and Painting and Thinking…

It’s been a year of living breathlessly… what will happen next? This is a painting of my daughter Alyson… still in the works, the uncertainty, the joy, the thoughts are all scrambled in my brain wondering what to do next, how not to screw it up.

18 days in a row that I didn’t paint. Do you even want to know why? It doesn’t matter… I had this thought for the portrait of Aly in my head and when the time came I started.

Am I an untrained artist if I still remember every lesson my elementary school art teacher, Mr. Davenport, taught me? Would I have been a great artist had I pursued college art? Isn’t art about the evocative, the feeling, rather than the craft?

I don’t know. I’m still working, trying, thinking, and producing. That may ultimately be all that counts. Soul searching during tough times really sucks.

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3 thoughts on “Holding My Breath and Painting and Thinking…

  1. denisemanguiat on said:

    You’re a great artist, Miss. I passed by and so your work. Hope you’ll have a serene mind soon. (:

  2. denisemanguiat on said:


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