BLUEBIRDS OF HAPPINESS… In art and in life

Write what you know. Good advice. But what do I know? My earliest memories are of negative emotions, fear and envy. I know that’s bad, so I’ve spent my entire life working to remedy it. Life experiences can give you all kinds of emotions. Your make up, your sensitivity, and the direction of your life can make how you use these emotions vary as much as the weather. I can think back to my 16th birthday and being determined to change my life, but not being savvy enough, or strong enough to really wow the world. Baby steps. Always baby steps. No regrets. Well, only that it took me quite a while to discipline my time, to work more hours at it. I do regret that it took me so long to buckle down at my art. You really can’t always wait until the mood strikes. Sometimes just pick a color, or a shape and run with it and let the idea be born. Always keep moving forward.
And so I applied “Paint what you know” a little differently. Of course I know a gust of wind, a longing look, a stormy night…and life is made up of millions of moods and moments so I usually try to paint the happier moments. And really that describes my art perfectly, they are moments captured to evoke a nice feeling. This painting is so suited to a young girl’s room, she’s watching the birds, feeling the freedom, the breeze in her hair.

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