The State of Mind Called HOME

A Country House Link to Ebay Listing

After getting so stressed out about having no money, the leaky roof, the problems at work, the lack of art sales and my father’s decline and family dynamics, I decided just to take off. I visited my childhood friend, then my daughter and son-in-law in North Carolina. Robin’s mother just was moved to a nursing home and she gave me her old sketchbooks, including many full pages of pencil sketches.

I thought about that a lot, seeing her mother in this nursing home environment after a long life of family, painting, having pretty things and pretty houses. I thought of home. I want my home to be within my heart, not my things, and not a constant strain on my brain.

When I drive over the bridge into town and see the lights of the West End, and the boats, my heart starts to race and I am so happy to be here. But I know it’s time, time to make a home elsewhere, time to shake things up, time to concentrate on the good things, on the people I love, on my personal desires, on painting. 

This painting is painted using one of the small sketches in one of the sketchbooks.

HOUSE IN THE COUNTRY. I’m auctioning it on ebay, framed.

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2 thoughts on “The State of Mind Called HOME

  1. Your work is beautiful! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. As a result, I’ve discovered your wonderful work.

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