BABY CAT Original Painting

BABY CAT Original Painting

Another painting. I’ve lost my stride lately, dad is 100 miles away and I’ve been trying to visit and work and keep up and just lost it. Today is a new day though.

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6 thoughts on “BABY CAT Original Painting

  1. I like your cheerful and innocent take on the scene, in which a man (Balthus) saw some dark erotism ) Have you ever seen Balthus works of girls and cats?

    • I went right to google and checked Balthus out. Looking at those paintings made me want to go to oils and spend more time…. very lovely, and I thank you. I’ve been told my nudes are so innocent, (not erotic) and recently started painting only clothed women, but I hope there is some eroticism in these paintings.

      • What makes Balthus erotically charged (apart from the pose of his girls and activities of his cats – which symbolise the inner car of a girl) is the frontal light that creeps up the girl’s legs and dresses reaching those parts of their bodies, as if this light was a man’s hand. He was a great pervert, by today’s standards. Fortunately, he lived in a slightly different epoch )))

      • Yes, I thought so in some of his paintings I saw online. I remember reading his name when I read about the American expatriates, like Harry Crosby. I think artists express so many thoughts and emotions and I struggle not to judge or turn away… I try to let the art speak even if I don’t like what I’m hearing or seeing. When I paint I want joy first, femininity second, and then maybe past sorrow, some eroticism, some aloneness, I don’t know, strength, vulnerability… nothing sordid, nothing so deep that it doesn’t jump out. I try to put as little thought as possible, just a whim. Obviously, to hang in the Louvre, he put a LOT of thought into his work.

      • My god, I wanted to write “inner cat”, not “inner car”. God. Sorry )

      • I figured. Par for the course when texting too- auto correct might spell anything, lol

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