February was a great month for art sales for me… if I can keep up the momentum it will be a great year for art. Etsy has been disappointing, I get many views, many favorites, but people aren’t buying. I don’t know what else to do… I’ve been urged not to lower my prices. Compared to other artists I’m a cheap date, lol. I had many doubts about my talent , abilities or quality, depending on the day… and so many sleepless nights. Then a few people spot the art and reinforce my resolve to push on. So I am.
This piece is called Menagerie. I love it and I’ve posted it on Etsy. I’m forever in your debt for following my blog and listening to my fears. I’ve struggled with loss, anger, with missing people I’ve loved, with fear and sorrow. I’ve had many doubts about who I am, about my choices, and I’ve been able to work through them. Art is the one thing, since I was a little kid, that has always been my form of expression and the lens through which I view life and God. I express my aloneness as a soul, aloneness struggling to be a better part of the unity of all things. I am who I am and maybe this is meant to be. I choose to spend my time at the art table. And I’m happy and always moving forward, toward what, I don’t question any more.p>

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3 thoughts on “Menagerie

  1. February is a bad month for selling – don’t worry a bit. Your work is beautiful! Wait and see it will all work out – talent carries the day!

    • I know. My confidence waxes and wanes terribly. It’s been a burden my entire life, and at 54 it’s really time to get past my head and just do it. Thank you for the good thoughts.

      • Again advice – I just can’t help it – don’t be so hard on yourself – it is rare for artists to be good at selling – few people are really good at selling it is a skill all its own. You are doing great! You have a will – you have created a way – and things as you say will wax and wane, but you don’t have to be perfect about it all!

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