The Fog Is Lifting And It’s About Damn Time

It’s been a really good year for painting so far. No distractions except work, and I’ve gotten into a routine. My house though is starting to look like a wreck- canvases, boxes, paintings and paint everywhere. I work on art all weekend and ignore the chaos piling up around me (which falls into the category of distractions).

It’s been really good. I need to be steadfast, need to focus. Now when I lie awake at night I think about my next painting. I try to put negative thoughts and worries out of my head. The fog is lifting and it feels like it’s been so long.. and it has. I’ve been down since mid November. Three months is too long to feel so bad. But it’s showing in my art, and so it’s all good.

I still haven’t found a new outlet for the art, or haven’t looked. I haven’t been ready to risk rejection. Soon. This is some of the latest work. SWEET DREAMS; two paintings that go together

href=”″ target=”_blank”>

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