I Can Dream Can’t I ?

Hi… I did it… 3 paintings this week.. 3 that I’m happy with. I haven’t posted them on ETSY because I wanted to post my thoughts here. If you hate this painting it’s okay to say so.
The facebook groups I seem to be a member of are just art love fests among other artists. I realize that I’m self taught and I don’t expect ass kissing. I just can’t post my art on the group sites. I don’t want flattery (or WORSE, nothing, lol) I don’t ass kiss, I say what I love and say nothing if I don’t. I also realize that sales are slow which may or may not mean my art sucks. I don’t want to keep painting the same thing all the time. I have to paint what I’m feeling. I have such mixed feelings about it. Never good enough. Happiness. Doubt. It is what it is. I don’t know what I want, except to share.

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2 thoughts on “I Can Dream Can’t I ?

  1. It’s really lovely, very peaceful.

  2. Thank you. That one was easier for me to paint for some reason. I struggled more with the other two. I’m going to post the last one later.

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