The Joys of Being Grateful for Everything

Something happened to me after my relationship went south. I learned that after being in relationships since I was 18 years old, being married, being in love, being hurt, parenting, being a bad friend, being a good friend… whatever it is that motivated me through out my life had left me feeling full. Not empty like one would have thought, but full.

How do I explain that after the heartache and pain of losing someone I loved so much, that I worried about, that gave me so many moments of pure joy and pure hell, could have left me full?

Because I’m finding all the parts of me that I had lost chasing something I thought I needed. I have a soul. I have a heart and a brain. I have goals and hopes and dreams. I have sarcasm, sorrow, joy and I can express and learn from them and share them through color and humor.

I wake up in the morning and after cursing the alarm clock I think about my gratefulness and thank God for everything. Oh, note this painting has clothes on :). That was a nod to all those that are uncomfortable with all the naked lady paintings. Happy Sunday everyone.

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